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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    We get questions all the time, so we thought we would answer some once and for all! Below is a comprehensive list of questions we hear from potential clients every day. Feel free to contact us with any others you may have via our contact page.

    What is a recruitment agency?

    A recruitment agency works on behalf of clients to find the right candidates. Clients can be companies or other businesses, but also individuals who are looking to hire someone new. We find people tailored to your requirements, whether you are looking for a salesperson or an accountant. 

    How do I use a Recruitment Agency?

    First, give us details of the job you want to fill, including salary and responsibilities. We’ll get our network of candidates working on finding someone we think is the right match for you. If we find someone who matches your criteria and who wants to work at your company, we will arrange their interview with you so that you can decide if they are the one for the job! 

    Can anyone use recruitment?

     Of course! While most employers use recruitment agencies for finding new staff, it’s also worth considering if you have been unable to fill a role yourself in the past – this is where agencies can help. 

    How much does recruitment cost?

    We have a fixed-fee model, so you will only pay for the service once we have found someone suitable for the job. This is typically between 12% and 30% of your annual salary budget. 

    How do I contact a recruitment agency?

    There are many different ways to get in touch with us. You can visit our website, send us an email or call us on 01244 256876

    What is the difference between a recruitment agency and an employment agency?

     Both agencies can help you find new staff, but there are some key differences. Recruitment agencies tend to be more focused on specific sectors of the economy and work with candidates on a one to one basis. Employment agencies tend to be more generalist and will send out CVs for any job that has been advertised by employers. 

    Can recruitment agencies help me find staff?

    Yes! Recruitment agencies have built up strong networks of candidates over many years and they are able to use these connections to find people who fit your criteria.

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